[thechat] The Pianist

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Oct 21 07:46:23 CDT 2003

rudy said:
>>i am leaving


Rude-man ... that's _by far_ the worst Finnish ['finish?'] joke in the lot!

Sorry pal ... I think you owe a few 'anti-tips' before we can let you go. 
Or maybe a nice recipe involving ham?

What's up?  Your fantasy football team couldn't have had *that* bad a week. 
Unless maybe you bet on the Browns? ... Considers ... <shakes head /> Nah ... 
couldn't be ... *nobody* bets on the Browns!

C'mon ... we wanna hear how y'all play frisbee golf in mittens with that 
white powdery stuff blowing around ... do 'sliders' count or not?

Personally, I hope you consider morphing this into a brief vacation break 
instead of a final exit ... hope to see you back in a bit ... maybe 
offering up some of those new digital movies for critique!!  ;-)

{Besides ... Shit! If _you_ bugger off ... that would probably make /me 
the oldest fart around this campfire! ... Ewwwww!}

[Yo Rudy!  Feel free to pin my ears back off-list if you wish. 
Anytime ... We *all* have 'bad hair days' ... (Some of us even have 
'bad lack of hair days') ... ]

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