[thechat] Public about MJ (MJ is the HULK)

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Sun Nov 30 08:36:25 CST 2003

> > In fact, I haven't watched the movie, Hulk, yet. It seems very childish from
> > trailers.
> I was referring more to comics.
> But the film's not too bad. I expected worse. Ang Lee made an honorable
> job. Although the last five minutes are-- BLEEEP. no comment.

stef, please send me whatever you've been smokin..... ;p

personally, i thought the hulk movie was the smelliest stack of steaming monkey
poopoo (i said monkey madhu, not chimpanzee)

really, they didn't follow the comic book story AT ALL (a major offense in my
i think it was the *worst* comic movie to date (yes, including the 70s

and they made the hulk a wimpy gimpy, who turns back into human the second he
sees some professor chick?


the hulk TV show was much more entertaining.
it starred bill bixby, who actually took his role seriously.

the rest of the show was inhabited by people who were such bad actors, they
could only have been soap opera rejects. the show always had giant mainframe
computers that looked like they'd been rolled off the battlestar gallactica set,
and cops who would always shoot at the hulk (as if it was the first time they'd
encountered a bulletproof, giant, green man -- maybe they should have read the
script a little closer)

but in the middle of this mess, was bill bixby -- in his 50s, obviously his
*last* chance at anything resembling an acting career, and he wasn't going to
see it go to waste.

it was like he was this shakespearean god thrown into an episode of the power

he even directed some episodes, and some of the speical made for TV movies.

yes, bill bixby, was a man of passion.

the hulk movie, did not due him justice.
stan lee should be pelted by gamma rays for letting it happen.


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