[thechat] xmas light fiasco

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Dec 3 16:00:41 CST 2003

Morgan Kelsey bemoaned the ill winds of fate thusly:

>>from what i understand about probability, i shoudn't
>>keep climbing onto my roof with a ladder that's 4 feet too short.

Wimp! ... Actually ... you shouldn't be doing that without a webcam ... 
so we can _all_ share in the fun! 

>>and my light-up santa keps blowing over, 
>>i can't put anymore rocks in his ass, the plastic will break.

I gots one word for ya ... "Rebar".

We've got a neighborhood over near my office [Prestonwood] where all 
residents are _obligated_ to go overboard on their decorations. (I 
couldn't find any pix on the web ... I'll have to go take some or 
scan in some from prior years.) 

[Personally I maintain that if it takes more than 6' of rebar to put 
up your decorations ... you've gone a bit too far ... but these folks 
shout me down.] I've talked to several residents who have put in 
separate 100 amp circuits ... *just* to drive their lights over 
the holidays ... the entire neighborhood shines like Vegas during the 
holidays and traffic is ... a nightmare!

>>next year, we'll have a manger scene starring several big, heavy, metal robots.
>>i've got a dead 2gig maxtor that's gonna look great in a baby's bonnet.....

Oooooo!  A 'mecha' manger! Very Otaki of you!  ;-)

(Who is still trying to convince everyone that you can't *start* 
putting up Christmas decorations until St. Nicholas day [Dec-6] ... 
at which point he will set out his 'horny angel', spring loaded 
Santa - and begin work assembling the tree!)

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