[thechat] xmas light fiasco

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Sat Dec 6 15:41:20 CST 2003

> > (Who is still trying to convince everyone that you can't *start*
> > putting up Christmas decorations until St. Nicholas day [Dec-6] ...
> > at which point he will set out his 'horny angel', spring loaded
> > Santa - and begin work assembling the tree!)

Am I the only one who hates, and therefore doesn't do, Christmas? I gave it
up about 5 years ago and it makes the last month of the year far more
pleasant. And I don't see it as just me being all Bah-Humbug! about it,
hardly anyone I know is particularly enthusiastic about it, they just do it
cos everyone else does. Obviously this is different if you have children, it
would be cruel not to do it then. But I don't give or receive presents and,
eventually, everyone accepts this. There are no religious reasons involved,
I just find it a complete waste of time. I think it would be different if we
had snow at Xmas every year, but when you wake up on Christmas morning and
it is cold, miserable & wet, and you look at all the cards with robins and
snowmen and quaint cottages with a foot of snow on the roof, it's all a bit
sad really.

Kevin Stevens
kjs at ratking.co.uk

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