xmas event? ... wuz RE: [thechat] xmas light fiasco

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Dec 9 14:13:33 CST 2003

RonL attempted to rile up the troops:

> ... we all show up in Connecticut in the middle of the night and rearrange
> nagrom's lights into a giant 'cubey'?


we're waiting for you.
i've loaded a fresh poopy diaper in the catapult.

did i mention my neighbor has 3 german shephards?
he also has 3 kids, and two bedrooms.

so, uhh, the dogs spend alot of time outside.
pacing, salivating, looking for nerds to chomp on -- ya know, usual dog stuff.

who is thankful at times, that he is a very unappetizing 125lbs.

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