Thailand (was Re: [thechat] "Eight Miles High" (was Re: Gotta newMac - now what?))

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Wed Dec 10 10:30:56 CST 2003

Martin Burns noted:

... in response to Drew's response to noah:

>>   Has "democracy" been ingrained so deeply in America that they can't 
>> comprehend any other system of government? I mean, surely it was 
>> reasonably obvious that any kind of mocking portrayal of a ruling 
>> monarch is going to be trouble?

>And perhaps more tellingly, there seems to be a problem comprehending 
>any other *form* of 'democracy' than that practised in the US (ie the 
>government pretends that it's run by its people (demos), rather than by 
>its corporations).

Oh, I dunno ... there are a few of us over here who have jobs, families, 
and outside interests ... so I think we have some inkling that other 
forms of non-democratic 'organisation' exist!  ;-)

(Who _really_ hopes y'all aren't suggesting that reality shows are 
'educational' because of their promulgation of 'tribal councils'!)

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