[thechat] unsubbing / mpls recap

Rachel Lam lists at ewe-wish.com
Wed Dec 10 14:19:16 CST 2003

> by "lava lamp" I am of course referring to a shifting rainbow color
> light show featured prominently at the top of one of the buildings
> downtown...  okay, it's only visible at night, but it's pretty
> blatant...

Is it the one in this photo?

If so, I think that's the American Express building, based on

There's a building with all the windows displaying a shifting pattern of
colored lights that I see when driving north on 35W into downtown, but I
think it's different from the building you mentioned. They change the
colors, depending on the holiday or season. I find it distracting and
have missed my exit at least once, because I was looking at the pretty

Now I may have to drive across the cities tonight, just to satisfy my

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