[thechat] Hi,

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Thu Jan 15 07:27:14 CST 2004

At 07:14 15/01/2004 -0600, Luther, Ron wrote:
>(a) That funny looking gizmo I bought in the pawn shop across the street
>from Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, or

   I thought that was a doohickey? If not, I'm taking mine back. And the 
free thingummy I got with it, because I never did figure out what to do 
with it.

>(b) The secret powers all natives from my home world have, or

   Discern Location? That alter your ECL?

>(c) The days when I used to date God's sister ... or the fact that she
>still talks to me now and then!

   "Give me back my grill tools!" doesn't really constitute a conversation, 
does it?


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