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Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 15 08:13:17 CST 2004

That Radical Bender dude (aka 'MISTER Anime') tossed out yet more tempting 
tidbits about shows generally available and (alas) those that are not:

>>Anyways, I like Dual! a lot.  It's all terribly silly, but it's a very 
>>fun series to watch.  It's at times gut-bustingly funny (two words for 
>>later: "shock absorption") but also reasonably serious.  Very good 
>>characters (Mitsuki Rara is my favorite).

;-) Heh! (I just watched *that* episode last night - pretty cute!)
I'm enjoying Dual! - it's off to a strong start.

Hmmm ... maybe it's the character 'depth' then that I find different 
between Dual! and Tenchi.  Maybe it's kind of slight ... kinda like 
16-bit versus 15-bit. Tenchi *did* have some engaging moments, but I 
also think there were long stretches where the characters came off as 
being a bit 'flat' or _too_ stock. [The influence of the constraints 
on the art form can be interesting in and of itself.]

>>Chrno Crusade 
Yeah, I saw a short review (probably yours) ... I'm still undecided. 
(But I'm still waffling on Witch Hunter Robin too.)

>>Gunslinger Girl 
Saw a short review - it sounded good. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

>>Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 
Oooo!  Hadn't heard of this one. Will consider.

<snip - more I hadn't heard of>

Been hearing a little buzz. Hadn't listened much. Will pay closer 

Oh Man!  Space Garbage Collectors? ... I think I _have_ to have that one!
Okay - it's on 'the list'. [Dang ... I may have to start selling off the 
old ones!]

>>Read or Die: The TV 
Whew! Had my fingers crossed that it would be okay. That's good news.
I will continue to wait for that.

>>Azumanga Daioh - will be out on DVD in the Spring.
More good news ... I've been listening to you and others rave about 
this show.

Psssst: - Is the Nadesico movie any good? 


Who has turned into a bit of an anime lending library ... I'm currently 
waiting for my son-in-law to return my 'His and Her Circumstances' ... so 
*I* can watch it!  [I was up to about episode 7 or so when my son-in-law 
returned my 'Boogiepop Phantom' ... His wife didn't like it. {Goober! I told 
him when he borrowed it that she wasn't going to like it.} Anyway, I lent 
him 'His and Her' because it's a "chic flick" series that I think his wife 
will really like and hopefully keep him out of the doghouse.]

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