[thechat] surfacing

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed May 26 09:11:04 CDT 2004

stef said:

> And to think I'm frightened by the (ever-closing) prospect of dealing with
> just one baby girl in september!

I don't think you meant ever-closing, hehe.

Just wait 'til you see that head pop out, I'm always sure we must be on a
spaceship or something....but I LOVE these aliens....wait, that's my kid!!!

I don't think the ladies appreciate how tough childbirth is on us guys. I'm
usually ordered to stand about 4 feet away -- just far enough so I can reach
her mouth with a little spoonful of icechips.

And my goodness! The things a lady will say when she's passing a watermelon,
YOUR watermelon!


Congrats Joel!

Ladies, I love you!


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