[thechat] Nitrogen Tires?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jun 15 07:18:46 CDT 2004

William Anderson noted:

>>One thing I love seeing here is stupid Fiat/Alfa drivers running 
>>around with the bloody space saver on one of their wheels, doing 70mph 
>>with the 80kph sticker merrily whizzing around the tyre ...


Gee ... about the only time I see a Fiat over here is when its parked 
on the side of the road! ('Fix it again, Tony!')

I used to car pool with a fellow that had (I think) an old Fiat 128. 
(Ugly boxey sedan.) He drove like he was trying to qualify for F1. 
I called him on it once ... "Damn! Did you get your driver's license 
at Sears or what?!?" ... That was when I found out he used to be a 
driving _instructor_ for ... you guessed it ... Sears! (Oooops! 
Fortunately I was wearing shoes with tasty soles that day!)

Dunno how they are now ... but Alfas used to be big fun ... GTVs and 
Spyders! I learned the 'Italian slouch' driving position behind the 
wheel of a GTV ... anything else became horribly uncomfortable!

(Who once *attempted* to 'test drive' an X1/9 ... but never even got 
the key in the ignition ... the salesperson had to pull me out of 
the car ... literally! Damn that thing was small!)

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