[S] RE: Marvel reprints - wuz RE: [thechat] Netflix?

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jun 23 12:01:58 CDT 2004

>> really dig the ol' jack kirby pen.

> some of those guys were beyond amazing. Artists willing to do work for
> comics, pulp fiction, et al - we're darn lucky they had the passion, and
> weren't all wrapped up in their own image as 'artists.'

Ha! I think it's because they *were* artists....artists are poor! need

But no, I dig ya, the comics of the 50s and 60s are pretty intersting
historically -- they were doing then what TV couldn't, but now TV has caught
up with them.

I dig the old vault of horror and tales from the crypt stuff too....they
also had some great artists. One guy stands out in memory as having a very
unique and distinctive style, I'll dig through the closet and find him.
I remember thinking, "so *this* must be what R Crumb was reading...."


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