[thechat] clients that can't open attachments

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon Jun 28 15:18:36 CDT 2004

Does anybody here _not_ have a pet peeve about clients who can't open 

I just resent a Word doc as a plain text file in response to "Your 
attachment didn't come through". To that, comes the response, "Adobe 
couldn't open because it's either not a supported file or is corrupt."

This is not just a regular client I'm speaking of - it's a consultant a 
really good client has hired to give them advice on their website among 
other things. And this person can't open a .txt attachment to an email. 
And has an AOL address.

I could go on about other related things, but am trying to remember I 
still bill hourly even if I know I will be told to do the work over 
after they see exactly what they asked for. Just needed to vent a wee 
bit. Thanks.
- Erik Mattheis
612 377 2272

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