[thechat] Speed limits in USA

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Aug 11 10:08:24 CDT 2004

deke declared:
> The law is written differently in different states.
> In most states, the speed limit is hardwired into the code. In Ohio, the
> law is "too fast for conditions" and posted speed limits are advisory.

yar, in Connecticut (East Coast, rural New England) there's lots of 55mph
zones, though we have a few 65 zones now too.

being in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, most of the backroads
round these parts are twisty turny things, having been originally cut by old
horses and carriages, and have speeds of 25-35mph, which is probably about
top speed for a horse and buggy on a straight-away.

personally, i think we should flatten them darn hills, so we can have
straight roads and drive like maniacs (people do anyway). those hills also
have the nasty habit of blocking out the sun early and late in the day, and
producing beautiful sunsets -- very annoying.

and then there's these old rock walls everywhere, from back in the farm
days. heaps of em! the old settlers said "the land grew rocks" and dug them
out of the fields and made walls out of them. -- lots of folks *still* seem
very attached to these piles of rocks -- the pilgrims apparently thought
"the devil himself" was pushing them up to ruin their farms. but we all know
now it must have been that joel canfield guy.


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