[thechat] ripped from the headlines - a speedy news storyforMadhu

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Aug 13 09:35:59 CDT 2004

.:| > or a Lotus Carlton?  http://www.lotus-carlton.co.uk/  Mmmm ...
.:| At first blush, it looks like an Omega. I have a video of an Omega 
.:| being 'chased' by cops in Sweden. As soon as the cop car hits its 
.:| lights, the Omega driver floors it - a whif of smoke, a 
.:| little squat, 
.:| and the car just runs away from this Saab. The speed 
.:| indicator on the 
.:| saab is showing >200kph, and the Omega disappears over the horizon.

Hey, I drive an Omega!
I've never floored it though but it's far too easy and smooth at 140km/h,
which can be a problem when the speed limit 90km/h tops.
Must admit that my copy is getting a bit old, it's a 1992 model.
But I love it all the same.


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