accent or mispronounciation? (was RE: [thechat]Chile'stennisfighting for the medals)

Bob Davis bob at
Mon Aug 23 14:53:48 CDT 2004

On Aug 23, 2004, at 2:05 PM, Luther, Ron wrote:

>>> And afaik, you're looking for Man and Hess-a.
> Oh well, I've been 1/2 right I guess ... I've usually gone with 'mon'
> and 'Hess-a'.

Hess-a is right. The last a sound is a little clipped in some regions, 
a little longer in others.

The 'a' in Mann sounds like o, but not quite. It's more like "aahhhhhh" 
- like sticking your tongue out and saying aaahhh.

So, Maaaahhhhhhnnnnnn. ;)

Not like Jamaican 'mon'.


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