Roy Clark is dead? (was RE: [thechat] american table manners--forkin right or left..?)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Wed Aug 25 13:55:08 CDT 2004

Joel D Canfield noted:

>>He got a call during the commercial. From Mike Mazurki. Who lived in San
>>Diego, and offered to come down and show how very alive he was. The
>>offer was declined, but the statement was enthusiastically retracted.

>>'The reports of his death are greatly etc.'

Oh well ... @@it happens!

(Who, scant moments after his gaff this morning, read todays 'Baldo' 
cartoon ... which defines "ignorance" as "when you don't know something 
... and somebody figures out you don't know it.")  ;-)  Ack! Got me!

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