GPS-related site (was RE: [thechat] DVD Recorders?)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Mon Oct 4 15:59:19 CDT 2004

William Anderson noted:

Terry Fowler wrote:
> --- William Anderson <neuro at> wrote:
>>I love ... if only because there's a
>>confluence just north of 
>>me :)
> Wow! Just for a bit of contrast, here's a confluence
> close to my home town:

>>>coo, I can hear Morricone already :)

> William, what's all that green stuff on the ground in
> those pix of Cumbernauld? 

>>>Dude, it's called grass.
Even less of that in the N view here. 

This looks like the closest to me ... yep, it really *is* that flat.


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