[thechat] ADSL - UK

Barry Sweeney barry at sweeneys.net
Tue Oct 19 08:27:27 CDT 2004

chris at martiantechnologies.com wrote:
> Dear all
> Can anyone recommend an ADSL provider in the UK? I don't care about
> email, web space or any other peripherals - I just require a fast,
> cost effective internet connection for home use. A static IP address
> would be a plus, as would a contract with a get-out clause (anything
> under 3 months notice seems reasonable to me). 

I've been very happy using Nildram for two or three years now.  Although I'm
sure there are cheaper ISPs, if there has ever been a problem (twice) they
have taken ownership and got it fixed. <http://www.getadsl.co.uk>



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