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Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Tue Oct 19 08:37:03 CDT 2004

On Tuesday, October 19, 2004  @565, chris at martiantechnologies.com wrote:

Hey Chris

>Can anyone recommend an ADSL provider in the UK? 

Zen: www.zenadsl.co.uk

£27.99 a month (one off £50 connection fee).
512k down/256k up
50:1 Contention
Fixed IP address.
1 Month minimum contract

They were recommended to me by a couple of other UK evolters. I've been
with them for 6 months now and couldn't be happier, don't think there's
been any downtime at all apart from a few bits of scheduled maintenance
which I didn't even notice until I checked the status pages the day after. 

You do get an email address and some web space (I think), but I have my
own domains, so never used them. 

They can also supply modems and other bits when you order, but I can't
speak to the quality of those as I had all my own kit already.


P.S. Usual disclaimer, I'm not affiliated with them in any way apart from
being a very satisfied customer.

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