[thechat] Bailing out...

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Sat Oct 23 03:23:05 CDT 2004

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Joel D Canfield chided Dave Fitch by noting:
>>>Not often I get to do this on thechat: You're OFF TOPIC, Dave! ;)
>>>[snip] web dev type stuff is the only thing *off* topic over here. 
> Ahem! ... and where is *your* 'anti-tip' Mr. Spinhead?   ;-)

> RonL.
> (Musing that no one seems to ever mention f2o.org as a host anymore ... 
> Yeah, I know it's Dan ... and I remember the falling out ... but hey, 
> the guy has 'chops' ... you know it has to be a decent service.)

Hang on a mo -

Quite a lot of us have never fallen out with Dan, for the record :-)

I don't get into hosting conversations 'cos it's been years since 
I've never not self-hosted.  From what I hear f2o is indeed 
rockin, and paying members get the use of better facilities as well.


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