[thechat] Snow in Houston?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Jan 5 11:31:40 CST 2005

Hi Gang,

On a lighter note ... 

We actually had a bit of snow in Houston back on Christmas Eve. The 
locals were pretty thrilled - apparently it has never snowed in Houston, 
(at least not actually *on* Christmas) - ever before!

Oddly enough, the folks to the south of us got more than we did up 
here on the north side of town.  

I had high hopes for finally capturing one of those award winning 
'snow on the roses' pictures ... unfortunately it was fairly dark 
when the snow started, quite windy, and the snow was gone by 
morning. Rats! Oh well ... it's not that great ... but this is the 
best of the 'snow on the roses' pictures I shot in the Great Houston 
Blizzard of '04:

(Yeah - It's some kind of local ordinance down here - you really *do* 
have to have yellow roses in your yard.)


As a special added bonus ... here's a picture of my Christmas junk:




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