[thechat] Omigod the hatred...

Darren Beale bealers at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 12:39:57 CST 2005

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Madhu, I had half an eye on your post re: the people who got offended
about your re-working of a photo. IMO you should just leave them to
it, you retain the moral high ground then. Your blog looks excellent

> As for knives, we had a chance to try out a couple new ones for
> dressing the deer. One of the new ones (our gift to my f-i-l) dressed 3
> deer and was still shaving sharp. Nice freakin' knife. It is a
> Fallkniven F-1, laminated VG-10 steel, drop point hunter. Look them up
> if you need a new knife. Highly recommended. The other knife to try is
> the Bark River Knife & Tool "Fox River" hunting knife. Hand made in
> Michigan's upper peninsula. Nice tool steel with (in my case) green &
> black micarta handle slabs. A very strong, sharp knife. If anyone wants
> details, let me know.


Bob, you obviously have a Very Good Reason* to use knives. Your post
did certainly appeal to the caveman in me but I don't think I'll be
following up on the need for more info.


Darren, London

*no irony intended

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