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Bob Davis bob at bobdavis.org
Mon Jan 10 11:47:31 CST 2005

Don't bait the crazies. That's rule one of the net.

On Jan 10, 2005, at 9:08 AM, Luther, Ron wrote:

> (Hey! ... Where's Bob? ... IIRC Mr. Davis used to, from time to time,
> offer some really nice links to quality sites that let you chat about
> food and food related stuff [That knife link of his was waaaay cool!]
> ... Anyway, I bet those sites might be better worth your time that this
> place!)

< if you think hunting is evil, stop here and think of butterflies or 

Bob was off with his wife and father-in-law managing the whitetail herd 
in central Texas this weekend. The goal is to help the herd see the 
kind of success that the deer in South Texas have - they're huge, 
healthy and strong. The deer in central Texas aren't very big and there 
are too many of them.

On the cooking front, I learned some very good information about the 
proper way to remove the tasty bits cleanly (Venison 
backstrap...yummy). I also tried a great chili recipe that turned out 
very nice (venison chili) and discovered that bacon, biscuits and eggs, 
no matter how simply prepared are always delicious after a cold morning 
in a deer stand.

As for knives, we had a chance to try out a couple new ones for 
dressing the deer. One of the new ones (our gift to my f-i-l) dressed 3 
deer and was still shaving sharp. Nice freakin' knife. It is a 
Fallkniven F-1, laminated VG-10 steel, drop point hunter. Look them up 
if you need a new knife. Highly recommended. The other knife to try is 
the Bark River Knife & Tool "Fox River" hunting knife. Hand made in 
Michigan's upper peninsula. Nice tool steel with (in my case) green & 
black micarta handle slabs. A very strong, sharp knife. If anyone wants 
details, let me know.



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