[thechat] outburst

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jan 18 10:04:36 CST 2005

Alex Beston asked:

>>i was wondering whether i need to become more PC or not

What!?! ... and 'blue screen' on us all the time?
Nah ... maybe you should be more OSX instead.


>Hopefully you're not part of that lot that believes that being physically 
>able to write your name in the snow constitutes some kind of requirement 
>for job performance.
>> hahaha. no.


Actually, it probably wouldn't hurt any of us to be more sensitive to that 
kind of stuff. ... I remember one time when my wife disassembled the 
humidifier attached to our home furnace system and figured out what parts 
needed to be replaced to get it working again. 

(This was beyond my capability ... I am hopelessly 'mechanically reclined'.) 

The folks at the spare parts counter at Sears wouldn't talk to her. [She 
got the "Honey ... send your husband in." line of condescending crap from 
them.] So *I* had to go to the Sears parts counter, scratch myself 
inappropriately, and read off the parts list that she neatly printed for 

At the time I thought it was pretty funny ... these days I'm a bit less 
tolerant. (Must be that 'old age' thang.) 

It wouldn't hurt to think about whether we treat our clients like that. 
And whether we need to make some changes.

My 2¢,


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