[thechat] outburst

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Jan 21 12:37:28 CST 2005

RonnieL gave nagrom a reason to enter the fray:
(i think anyway....)

> ... and part of the job of a community is pointing out when one of us
> is out of line. (I feel a little silly pointing that out knowing that,
> eventually, everyone gets a turn in the barrel ... and the next turn
> could well be mine!)

oooh! i love fish in the barrel! i used to try to catch ducks in buckets 
when i was a kid too. almost got one once...but it bit me and ran away. and 
it was one of those green-necked male ducks too, go figger.

> In the end, we'll never have control over how other people think or
> act ... but we'll always have control over how we react!

heh, the only reason i believe this was actually uttered by a Texan, is 
knowing the Texan in question to be an import model.

being neurotic, paranoid, psychotic (and a little schizo), let me just say i 
happily live in holy fear of my wife. in fact, i love her dearly for it. she 
works part-time, so i spend entire days at home with the kids--WOW--let me 
just say that is one hard job. they have brains, feelings, opinions, you 
name it!

and yes, she could TOTALLY kick my ass, but we only do that naked. and hey, 
i asked her to marry me (it was beautiful, the whole wedding party was 
dressed in barrels, and we passed out guns to the caterers)

i think everyone following this thread would benefit greatly from finding 
yourself a copy of Shel Silverstein's "The Smoke Off" (might be "The Great 
Smoke Off").
really, check it out, it's a great, uh, "song or sumthin".


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