[thechat] Win FAT Repair Utility?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Jan 21 17:11:45 CST 2005

chris hardy noted: 

>>bummer about the data - if you have another computer available, you may be
>>able to use knoppix to boot and transfer files over the network.

Hi Chris,

Good point! 

>>at the bottom of this page is a list of switches for scandisk. you could 
>>try /all to get it to fix the disk automatically.

AH! Thanks much!  (If she hasn't already wiped and rebuilt the booger 
by the time I get home [quite possible actually] ... I will suggest 
giving that a try!)

>>If that didn't work, I'd just wipe it, repartition it, and reformat.

Check. Again, she may already have it rebuilt and be on her second glass 
of wine before I get outta here.

>>I do have to tell you though that Millenium was the final straw in our
>>household to switching away from MS operating systems altogether.

Heh! Roger-that.

Finally outta here ... have a swell week-end,


(Don't tell anyone ... but if my 5 year old 'white box' died today ... I'd 
have to say I'd be leaning towards replacing it with a brand name machine 
running OSX.)

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