[thechat] outburst

chris hardy lists at semioticpixels.com
Fri Jan 21 18:59:58 CST 2005

> Actually, I'd go further, and say that generally, working class and 
> manual jobs have poor pay, poor conditions, poor security and poor 
> hours.
> You might wonder why people with such jobs spend time fighting each 
> other on gender grounds and ignore the actual common adversary.

actually, due to a poor economy when I was growing up, I've worked in a
number of blue collar jobs (fishing, construction, sawmills, etc). In most
cases, once it was evident that I would pull my own weight, gender was not
an issue.

The most gender based adversity I've experienced has been working in
technology mostly because it's so accepted as the status quo that it's
become institutionalized. 

Those Alaskan fishermen and construction guys look like raging feminists
compared to some of the programmers and engineers I've had the pleasure to
work with. 

oh, and that only makes sense if you know that my gender-neutral name is
short for christine.


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