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Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Fri Jan 21 19:13:25 CST 2005

Martin Burns wrote:
> On 21 Jan 2005, at 20:26, Judah McAuley wrote:
>>  Women and men both have nasty entry level jobs. We are going to see a 
>> lot more social equality if we can remove the glass ceiling and help 
>> women into the higher paying specialized jobs.
> Actually, I'd go further, and say that generally, working class and 
> manual jobs have poor pay, poor conditions, poor security and poor hours.

Well, I'm guessing that Deacon would be talking up jobs such as Police, 
Firefighter, EMT, Plumber, Roofer, etc. These jobs typically are 
unionized, have a journeyman system, are reasonably high paying and are 
overwhelmingly male (in the U.S. at least). You include other 
traditionally unionized jobs in the US like longshoreman (dock workers), 
teamsters (truck drivers) and steelworkers and you've got a reasonably 
high paying, blue collar, male-oriented workforce segment. The problem 
with that? Tossing aside its origins of the heavily sexist, stay-at-home 
mom culture of the post WWII industrial boom....the fact of the matter 
is those jobs are nearing extinction. They exist more in political 
debate than they do on the ground for job seekers.  The US moves more 
and more to a service sector job base. Industrial/manufacturing jobs 
have been lost overseas or to automation. Service sector jobs are 
replacing them. The service sector jobs are lower paying, less security, 
poorer conditions etc.  I think that Deacon mistakes a romaticized US 
economy of the past, where a Man of The House (tm) could support The 
Wife (tm) on a salary of a unionized job that he could expect to stay at 
most of his working life.

Why the fuck he blames the decline of this situation that never really 
existed on women is anyone's guess.

> You might wonder why people with such jobs spend time fighting each 
> other on gender grounds and ignore the actual common adversary.

Eat the Rich!

> Cheers
> martin

You rabble-rowsing, anti-establishment socialist malcontent you..


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