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aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Fri Jun 24 11:58:26 CDT 2005

On 24 Jun 2005 at 11:43, Luther, Ron wrote:
> Yeah, I agree with you there.  Have you seen VanDread?  I just 
> finished watching the 8 disc VanDread series.  They restricted 
> the CG to the mech battle scenes.  Initially I found it a little 
> jarring to go back and forth from CG to cell ... but overall, 
> I think it worked pretty well.

i almost wanted to see that approach with Appleseed... i actually 
don't like a lot of the new stuff because i prefer cell animation 
over CG, but with mech, well, i like the CG thrown in...

> I will check out Appleseed, but I've got quite a bit of anime 
> already queued up ... 
> * Caught the first two episodes of the 4 disc Ikki Tousen series 
> last night.  Man, I sure hope it gets better than that ... cuz 
> that certainly wasn't very good.  ;-(       Thumbs down so far.

good to know...

> * Got 7 of the old Mahoro discs queued up.  Caught a few of the 
> manga on a recent plane ride, looked like fun, thought I'd check 
> out the videos.

let us know... i've not seen it...

> * Got the 9 disc Marmalade Boy series queued up after that.

wow, haven't heard of that one in forever...

incidentally, since i've fallen out of the anime loop, anyone know if 
they're ever going to release Area 88 on DVD?

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