[thechat] Biker Dex?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 27 14:54:29 CDT 2005

Hassan Schroeder noted:

>>Heh. The faster the better 

Hi Hassan!

Yup ... It's a 'safety' issue too ... The faster you can go, 
the faster you can get the H E double toothpicks outta there 
if bad weather rolls in!  ;-)

>>I went "tubing" for the first time on Lake Cour d'Alene 
>>One of those activities that generates a near-fade-proof grin :-)

Whoa!  Heh.  Big Fun!  I think 'tubing' is the national sport 
here in the Republic of Texas!  Simple too!  Cuz there is only 
one rule you hafta to remember:

It's okay to hit 'fast water' ... 
and lose the family dog ... 
or the kids ... 
or your Significant Other ... 
or even your shorts!

But whatever you do ... Just make Dang Sure you don't spill 
your beer!  

(That's considered very bad form round these heah parts!)


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