[thechat] Music to Boat To?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 4 07:52:23 CDT 2005

Chris noted:

>>[Some stuff from iTunes]

Thanks Chris!  I'll give those a peep.

And says:
>>Anything by the ventures

Absolutely!   ;-)

That's certainly the right 'wave'length! 

I was helping my wife with some 'house rehab' chores last night 
... so I brought a radio and grabbed a handful of disks off the 
'country' shelf from home ... completely forgetting about this 

No lie: First tune I crank up is "Deep Water" by Asleep At 
The Wheel! {My weird boat-ma making fun of me, no doubt.)
Anyway, even though it's very old school (and mellow) 'Western 
Swing', it managed to trigger some deeply buried synapse in 
my subconscious ... and I suddenly felt a need to add 
"Pipeline" to the list - so I'm definitely with ya on the 

Prolly have to add the Surfari's "Wipe Out" (You can't tow 
skiers without a copy of "Wipe Out" handy, can ya?  It just 
wouldn't be right!) and then back to the Ventures for the 
"Hawaii Five-O Theme".  (You couldn't not smile with the 
throttle down and Five-O blasting away!)

But, somehow, delving into Beach Boys and Jan & Dean tunes 
from there would be just, I dunno, 'too predictable' I guess. 
Reggae would work well - the 'flavor' and mood are right. I'll 
definitely need to add some, but then I think I'll draw on 
Aardie's 'eclectic' tune list. That should be more interesting 
than going down the 'Surfing Surfari' route.



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