[thechat] Music to Boat To?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 4 08:16:32 CDT 2005

Aardvark came through with a wonderfully eclectic list of suggestions!

Thanks Aardie!

>>the first track on my list is, IMO, a must have...
>>David Byrne: Red Hot + Blue - Don't Fence Me In

Aye-aye matey!

A very cool list, sir! Thanks for taking the time - I will be 
checking into those.

>>and if you want mellower....

Oh, there is definitely a requirement for some 'mellower'!  
I can picture myself ... at the end of a nice long day on the 
water, heading for the middle of the lake, cutting the motor, 
crashing out on the swim platform, feet dangling in the water, 
glass in my hand, vegging out, watching the sunset ... I can 
easily see a need for some Otis Redding or something to go 
with that!  Yum!

(Lessee ... It's 'Otis' with 'red' and 'Morrissey' with 'white' 
isn't it?)



(Oh man ... I wanna be there RIGHT NOW ... I don't feel like 
arguing about forecast methodologies this morning ... Pfttttth!)

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