[thechat] Music to Boat To?

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Thu Aug 4 09:33:15 CDT 2005

On 4 Aug 2005 at 8:16, Luther, Ron wrote:

> Aardvark came through with a wonderfully eclectic list of suggestions!

that's a nice way of saying, "what the hell is this guy listening to? 
should we seek help?"

> A very cool list, sir! Thanks for taking the time - I will be 
> checking into those.

grab that Morcheeba song, too, it seems like it would be perfect on a 

> (Lessee ... It's 'Otis' with 'red' and 'Morrissey' with 'white' 
> isn't it?)

otis is definitely a red...

i think, however, that otis is more of a scotch drink, and morrissey 
would be gin... but served as a Tom Collins...

with bombay sapphire...

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