[thechat] Music to Boat To?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 4 11:18:36 CDT 2005

Aardvark noted ...

>>that's a nice way of saying, "what the hell is this guy listening to? 

Heh.  Hey! I don't know about these other people, but *I* trust 
your judgement ... (You're really 'Steve' behind Madhu's 'Steve 
Don't Eat That' link, right?)

>>grab that Morcheeba song, too, 

Okay. Grabbed.  Uh oh!  Now what? .... Alrighty then, I've now 
got a scurvy DRM encrusted WMA file of the Morcheeba song. How 
do I morph that over to WAV so I can burn it for listening on 
da brine?

Luddite skirt showing once again,


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