[thechat] Music to Boat To?

M Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Aug 5 12:38:00 CDT 2005

> One obvious solution springs to mind ... I think you need
> to run right out and buy a Hammond B3 and some Leslie
> cabinets!

hehe, actually, I have a pre-leslie hammond speaker in my office, but it 
already has a good home to go to. 180 watts of tube power! and it's (only) 5 
feet tall!
has a lead-filled reverb unit it to boot.
(not to be confused with a lead-filled snowshoe)

was a lucky find, a funeral home was just gonna throw it away!

I was gonna make a harness to adapt it as a keyboard amp,
but, never got a round tuit.


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