Poconos? ... Wuz RE: [thechat] Relocation, relocation, relocation

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Sep 30 10:45:24 CDT 2005

David Kaufman noted:

>>I'll be vacating for New Jersey for the (far) greener 
>>pastures out Pennsylvania way.  

Hi Dave!

While I certainly applaud your escape from Jersey, 
(Sorry, I'm sure there must be some 'nice' areas somewhere in 
New Jersey.  Unfortunately, I've flown into Newark more than 
Once. Yuck. Probably my least favorite city ever.), 
I have to say ... 

<smirk /> Poconos?  <smirk />

Do they even have internet?  

Better watch out for sticky keyboards!


[For benefit of our eclectic and/or overseas crowd ... The Poconos are
rather (in)famous for their Honeymoon Getaway resorts ... round beds,
clear acrylic bathtubs in the shape of champaign glasses, mirrored
ceilings, that sort of thing ... at least ... that was the case the last
time I was there.]

So tell us Dave ... How many webcams _will_ you be installing?  ;-P

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