[thechat] pease porridge hot

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed Nov 30 08:46:29 CST 2005

> Joel (look out Stanley Clarke!) Canfield bemoaned the muse:
> <b-moan, b-moan, b-flat-moan />

like there's not enough suffering in the world already, you have to pull
stuff like this?

> >>a country band; great twang stuff which I love to play. 
> Well, ya know, ya gotta follow your heart ... maybe a nice relo 
> to Luckenbach?  Lots of twang in the hill country!
> </me ducks as Sue throws MUCH more than a metronome my way!>

ooh, yeah, there's an option. why don't you call her and suggest it?

> >>I keep thinking that music should be fun
> Absolutely!  (Unless, of course, you're playing a Goth gig 
> ... in which 
> case you might wanna cut "Walking on Sunshine" from the 
> second set. Just a suggestion.)

now you're toying with my signature sound . . .

> >>Where do I take an online personality profile to see if, 
> really, it's
> just me?
> You mean like this one?
> http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/pirate/define.php?id=150447
> Beats me, I dunno, do people do stuff like that?

oh, that'd be ever so helpful. I could take my laptop and GSM wireless
to all my auditions.

> Keep playing ... Chris Squier needs more worry in his life!

we already have an agreement: he stays out of northern californy and
western ireland, and I can do anything I want.

> Who attended an odd wedding in Austin last Saturday.  Half the crowd 
> was from Texas/Oklahoma - half was from the UK.  Interesting 
> evening.  
> They claimed there was going to be a 'Motown' band ... But 
> they actually
> played mostly disco.  [Which probably would have been illegal 
> in Texas. 
> Fortunately we were in Austin instead.]  On the plus side, we _did_ 
> have a 'celebrity wedding crasher'!  Yup, some very recognizable old 
> guy wandered in, threw a couple of poses on the dance floor, and 
> wandered back out again ... David Kill Kung Bill Fu Carridine!  
> An odd, but all-round fun, night!

photos? photos would be nice. or funny.

even I occasionally forget that Texas is, not another state, not even
another country; yes, Texas is another planet. and it ain't Mars.

So, the latest in the saga: emailed a band from CraigsList that was
looking for a bass player who could sing, and now, they're only looking
for a singer. Which, well, I could maybe fake. I dunno. I can analyze my
playing, but I have a harder time being objective about my singing. 

Why Luchenbach? Why not San Antonio or Austin? Keepin' them all to

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