[thechat] yummy yummy yummy

iris thechat at jarmin.com
Mon Dec 5 10:40:22 CST 2005

At 08:12 05/12/05 -0600, you wrote:
>Condolences on the song in your head!  ;-P

there's nothing i can do to stop it.  my sister's cat's name is mjammi (the
german equivalent of yummy, pronounced 'meeyummy') and every time i see the
cat i go "yummy yummy yummy...".  and since i live with my sister at the mo
i can't avoid running into the cat several times a day.  so the song is
constantly in my head.  can't help it.

>this genre is generally known as "bubblegum rock".  [1] 

that's funny  ... and far more info than i'd bargained for :)


omnia mea mecum porto


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