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Mon Dec 5 16:54:44 CST 2005

At 16:17 05/12/05 -0600, you wrote:
>Yeah. I own 'Trigun'.  It's a bit inconsistent.  Some of the 
>episodes are very good.  Some of the episodes are pretty bad.  
>Then the series kind of morphs from "western" to "space utopia" 
>towards the end.  Not bad, but from an artistic perspective, it's 
>not up there with Cowboy Bebop or Boogiepop Phantom.

yeah, i think the quality very much depends on the available budget.  on
the dvd of the cowboy bebop movie the creators talk about how they could do
much more detailed animation, especially in the action scenes, because they
had a larger budget than for the series.  

so i think it's not trigun's fault.  and i do like the vash character - but
the 2 girls get on my nerves.  i haven't quite figured out their purpose
yet.  but i've only watched about 5 episodes.  i'll go and watch the rest
immediately.  well... not all of them maybe.  it's approaching midnight
here.  but it's still 2 hours till my bedtime - i could squeeze 4 or 5
episodes in.

>For most 
>anime (and pretty much _all_ of the older stuff) you are probably 
>gonna have to put up with the bug-eyes. <shrug />]

faye valentine in cowboy bebop didn't have huge eyes.  she did have huge
boobs, though.  sigh.  that's for you boys.  that's ok.  i guess the
japanese will eventually learn to serve their female audiences a bit better
too, just like american scifi did.  thinking of aeryn in farscape or zoe in
firefly.  us girls need cool characters to identify with too.  and over the
last few years we finally got some.


omnia mea mecum porto


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