[thechat] new year, new life

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Jan 3 08:26:27 CST 2006

> Got some joyful news to share with you... on dec 29th we 
> moved in to our 
> new appartment, of our own!
> Some pics of the new place are on flickr, right after the new nearby 
> subway stations...
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/mantruc/
> best wishes
> javier

Love the view! Did you set up '3 Reflejos' or did you notice it after
you took it? (gotta get me one of them flickr thingies . . . )

Coincidentally, after nearly three years in apartments, we'll finally be
living in a *house* a week from Friday. Older place in one of a slightly
fashionable historical districts. House sat vacant for some time 'cause
no one wanted to rent such an odd place, which works out for a family of
oddballs like us (to the tune of a $150/month rent reduction!)

Somehow, it was built with a *basement* - almost unheard of here in
California. Basements are great places for a rock band to practice :)
(Did I mention that shortly after bringing up the subject here, a band
sort of formed itself around me?)

And three bathrooms! THREE! The four of us have been sharing ONE.
Private bath for Yours Truly and Best Beloved. (And plenty of room for
folks from Texas or elsewhere to bunk should such happen to be passing
through . . . )

And a library. Separate from the office. Which will no longer be a
corner of the dining room, but will be a full separate room of its own.
Library has two large stained glass windows; don't ask me why. Vestibule
has another diamond-shaped stained-glass window facing the street.

And a laundry room. No more crossing the parking lot in the rain
carrying laundry baskets like Sue's done for the past two weeks. (I
offer to help; really I do.)

I'll send an invite to our housewarming as soon as it's ready :)

joel and co.

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