[thechat] new year, new life

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Tue Jan 3 09:40:21 CST 2006

Canfield, Joel wrote:

>>Got some joyful news to share with you... on dec 29th we 
>>moved in to our 
>>new appartment, of our own!
>>Some pics of the new place are on flickr, right after the new nearby 
>>subway stations...
>>best wishes
>Love the view! Did you set up '3 Reflejos' or did you notice it after
>you took it? (gotta get me one of them flickr thingies . . . )
I was sitting here dringing water from the glass and noticed the 
reflections, I'd been trying to find an interesting way to capture the 
room.. so when I saw myself on the glass and washer, I thought it would 
make an interesting image.

Congrats on your new House as well Joel!

>Coincidentally, after nearly three years in apartments, we'll finally be
>living in a *house* a week from Friday. Older place in one of a slightly
>fashionable historical districts. House sat vacant for some time 'cause
>no one wanted to rent such an odd place, which works out for a family of
>oddballs like us (to the tune of a $150/month rent reduction!)
>Somehow, it was built with a *basement* - almost unheard of here in
>California. Basements are great places for a rock band to practice :)
>(Did I mention that shortly after bringing up the subject here, a band
>sort of formed itself around me?)
>And three bathrooms! THREE! The four of us have been sharing ONE.
>Private bath for Yours Truly and Best Beloved. (And plenty of room for
>folks from Texas or elsewhere to bunk should such happen to be passing
>through . . . )
>And a library. Separate from the office. Which will no longer be a
>corner of the dining room, but will be a full separate room of its own.
>Library has two large stained glass windows; don't ask me why. Vestibule
>has another diamond-shaped stained-glass window facing the street.
>And a laundry room. No more crossing the parking lot in the rain
>carrying laundry baskets like Sue's done for the past two weeks. (I
>offer to help; really I do.)
>I'll send an invite to our housewarming as soon as it's ready :)
>joel and co.
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