[thechat] fantasy authors (was RE: Cadfael)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jan 3 16:17:39 CST 2006

Martin Burns noted:

[wrt Terry Pratchett]
>>I'm not sure he'd class himself as 'literature' anyway. This is 
>>a bloke who laughingly disposes of all his drafting/pre-work at 
>>publication with a "So long suckers" to future literary critics...

Heh.  I didn't know that!  Stylish, yet evil!  I *like* that!  ;-)

>>He's certainly very *literate* 

Agreed!  Anyone naming a primary character "Rincewind" certainly 
must be more than passingly acquainted with Brecht!

>>*Please* don't go near L Ron Hubbard ;-)

No worries.  Tried that once.  It didn't take ... and it won't happen
[Congrats! I think you've just defined "hack writer".]

> And it would seem quite unfair to mention epic literary fantasy worlds

> and not mention Anne McCaffrey and 'Pern'.

>>*Please* don't give Peter Jackson ideas for what to do after The
Hobbit :-)

Meh. Given enough time and the outtakes from his last effort, I figure 
he should be able to stitch together a complete 'Dragonlance' [1] saga 
in the editing room!


[1] Great literature it's not.  'Epic' it certainly is!  Has it hit 
100 books yet?  I probably still have 4 or 5 dozen of the boogers --- 
to be put up on eBay once I figure out where they have wandered off to. 
Blasted dark fantasy books. Always skulking about.

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