[thechat] new year, new life

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed Jan 4 16:41:42 CST 2006

> > Older place in a slightly fashionable historical district.
> Neat! We'll expect pictures eventually.

Well, as soon as I figger out how to tell you where they are on this
flickr thing . . . why is simple technology so hard for technical
people? Or is it just me?

> <sniff />I miss my basement. (Actually, I miss that 4 foot 
> wide divided
> concrete utility tub often found in Northern basements.

faint memory of Wisconsin, that
> >>And a library. [mit] two large stained glass windows; don't ask me
> why. 
> Nooooooo! <drool /> A llllllL-L-L-Library?   Arrrgggggh!  Too 
> too great!
> (If it has one of those ladder on wheels thingies - please don't tell
> me.)

Not yet . . . 

> Hmmmm ... Family, Kids, House, Library .... sounds like some amnimals
> are next on the list!  (I might have some connections there!
> Bwa-ha-ha-ha!)  ;-P

Bite your tongue. Unless, of course, you can get a semi-toxic snake to
bite it *for* you.

Although, a small aquarium wouldn't be bad. Fish rarely chew on my books
or wet on the kitchen floor, and they never ever bark at the

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