[thechat] names (was RE: fantasy authors (was RE: Cadfael))

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 5 08:52:11 CST 2006

William Anderson quoted classic literature:

>>"Kif, as the most attractive male, will be snu-snued by the most 
>>beautiful women of Amazonia ... then the large women ... then the 
>>petite women ... then the large women again.  INITIATE SNU-SNU!"

?Que? What the heck is that from?  

(Not quite lyrical enough to be Robert Frost ... unless this was 
taking place out on those rolling hills ... I'll have to guess 
James Joyce, maybe from the unabridged version of Finnegans Wake?)


Now trying to remember where that quote about wanting to go via 
massive brain hemorrhage brought on by entertaining amorous triplets 
came from. Asimov?

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