[thechat] Structural Music Theory - wuz - RE: ice cream songs

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Jan 17 14:07:37 CST 2006

> 何を意味するか。  [1]

Wait; don't tell me, let me guess: it's Japanese for 'smart aleck', right?

> I would recommend keeping an eye out for a cheap used keyboard.

heh; got a 'not bad' one as a gift from that Gene Thorpe fellow, who left home for a four-day vacation once and realized an hour later that he hadn't packed a keyboard to play in the hotel. So he stopped and bought one. Not a cheap one. I'm still not sure if Shari knows he gave it away a week later.

> in the 'keeper' or 'sell back to half price books' pile. 
> Prolly the latter.)
> For a 'real' music theory book, I would head out to any 
> college bookstore at the 
> beginning of the quarter/semester and pick up whatever they 
> are using for class.  

If yours is a worthy tome, how's about combining the above thoughts and letting me take it off your hands for whatever would make you happy, plus postage?


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