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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Jan 20 07:30:00 CST 2006

On 17 Jan 2006, at 19:55, Luther, Ron wrote:

> I think this is a case where gib-fiddle player are at a serious  
> disadvantage to
> keyboard monkeys. It's much much easier to "see" a second inversion  
> on a
> keyboard than a fretboard.  I think that's why a lot of pickers  
> keep a keyboard
> around for composition work.  [It don’t have to be a good one ... I  
> picked up
> a mini-keyboard for $20 at a garage sale.]  I would recommend  
> keeping an
> eye out for a cheap used keyboard.

Yeah, a lot of the way of thinking and (even more so) notation stems  
back to continuo playing (ie harpsichord in-fill). Mostly, you're  
getting a bassline and chord notation, and left to vamp the rest.  
Ummm may get a scan or two online tonight/over the weekend.

>>> suggestions for bookish directions would be stupendous.
> For a 'real' music theory book, I would head out to any college  
> bookstore at the
> beginning of the quarter/semester and pick up whatever they are  
> using for class.
> (Too many choices at Amazon/B&N.)

Which was exactly the approach I was going for...


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