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Wed Jan 18 06:56:41 CST 2006

At 12:21 17/01/06 -0800, Judah wrote:
> From my perspective as an American, the biggest implication of her 
>election is probably the confirmation of the leftward trend in South 
>American leaders. First Chavez, then Morales, now Bachelet.

i love all the news coming out of south america at the moment.  my theory
is that the US has been so busy on another continent that they haven't been
paying attention to what's going on 'in their backyard', thereby giving
south america the space to develop without the usual interference.

in fact nobody has been paying attention for a long time.  the world news
has been full of islam/asia/middle east.  the last we heard from south
america was that a) almost every country there was in a deep economic
crisis and b) that it's infested with tourist kidnapping rebels and drug
smugglers and therefore not of interest because far too dangerous.

when chavez got elected i told friends to keep an eye on the developments
there and to brush up on their spanish.

did you know that cuba and venezuela are sponsoring health programs for the
poor in the United States?  to them the US is the 4th world.


omnia mea mecum porto


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