[thechat] Structural Music Theory - wuz - RE: ice cream songs

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 19 13:09:37 CST 2006

The whelp noted:

>>Not everyone has parents who care enough about them to insist 
>>they go to college and learn something USEFUL, like mathematics, 
>>or computer science, YOU BOOGER!

<snort /> Heh!  Well, I have to admit,  my parents *did* insist 
I go to college ... OTOH, they also insisted that I pay for it 
myself!  ;-)   

I did, however, have the good fortune to be a year ahead of the 
game in the abstract math program so I was a 3rd year student when 
the seniors went through their "F*CK! Graduation is two months 
away and I don't have a 'marketable skill'???" freak out. That 
was kind of a wake-up call.  Programming looked kinda dull to me ... 
So I spent that last year getting into Operations Research instead.

>>Seriously though, It depends what you want to learn. 
>>Everything pretty much depends on what the bass player is doing, 

Hey! ... I know a bass player! ... and I want to learn stuff! 
Hmmmm ... What this bass player does is drink a lot of Guiness.  
So you're saying I should follow his lead then?  I can do that!

>>But really, it's about listening, and experimenting, and 
>>practicing, and let's face it, you and Ron are way to old 
>>for any of that :p

Eh? What's that, sonny? ... Step a little closer to my cane 
and say that again. A bit louder this time.

[Better watch out, old dude Ron has been in serious work-out 
monkey mode for a year now ... He may crush you like a grape!]


(I've got this absolutely fabulous inspirational cartoon filed 
away somewhere. It shows this hallway full of folks on walkers 
and in wheelchairs minding their own business at the nursing 
home. One of the resident's room doors is open.  In that door 
is an old dude, with an ear-to-ear grin, slinging a six string, 
Pete Townshend windmill in full windup, Marshall stack behind 
him ... And a caption to the effect "While Sunny Acres normally 
encouraged their residents to take up hobbies, they tended to 
frown upon Ron's selection!"  I really like that cartoon!)

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