[thechat] Structural Music Theory - wuz - RE: ice cream songs

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Jan 19 13:31:30 CST 2006

> away and I don't have a 'marketable skill'???" freak out. That 

reminds me of a cartoon: classroom setting, on the chalkboard:
"Philosophy Final: Write seven pages on how you're going to earn a
living with a degree in philosopy."

> him ... And a caption to the effect "While Sunny Acres normally 
> encouraged their residents to take up hobbies, they tended to 
> frown upon Ron's selection!"  I really like that cartoon!)

oblique memories arise of my grandmother telling stories about being in
the hospital with polio at age seven. This was the
Methodist-Sunday-school-teaching grandmother, who objected to the word
'beer-colored' and insisted my mother use 'amber' instead. So it was
particularly striking to hear about gramma organizing wheelchair races
in the hallway, which were forceably terminated by one of the winners
failing to stop at the top of the stairs and completing the race down on
the first floor, with multiple broken bones.

Hey, at least it wasn't far to the hospital . . .

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